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qualified deals

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What problems do lenders face?

The average lender wastes 20 days per month reviewing opportunities, and 75% of this is spent carrying out due diligence checks.

To find average yields, £/sqft, supply, land ownership, planning applications and detailed demographics, most lenders use a handful of websites, expensive third party providers and their own time-consuming research.

Now you can instantly understand the relevant £/sqft values, market liquidity, upcoming planning applications and relative measures of supply and demand.

Most painful part of the analysis process:
33%Analysing the information
67%Finding the right information

Time and money wasted per project without REalyse

Time and money wasted per project without REalyse

£ 200K/year

How do you find out who has applied to build what, where and when?

Due Diligence

Who actually owns the site? Is the building listed? Will nearby competition change the market?

Desktop Review

Do the key fundamentals being reported by the developer align with the market?

Loan Book Monitoring

How did loans perform against the market and what could be done to improve in future?

£ 200K/year
£ 50K/year

Here's what our clients think

  • “REalyse has become my one-stop shop when it comes to appraising potential residential real estate debt investments. The intuitive interface, and the consolidation of data sources, allows me to make a data-driven decision in a fraction of the time.”
    Photo Gavin Eustace
    Gavin Eustace
    Head of Residential Development
    Octopus Property
  • “REalyse has proven to be extremely useful in assessing the viability of new proposals and also obtaining detailed stats to support our credit decisions. The system pulls from numerous data sources which were previously unavailable to us and it’s very easy to use.”
    Photo Orla Costello
    Orla Costello
    Property Development Manager
    United Trust Bank
  • “REalyse is our go-to tool for assessing the market as part of our due diligence and it has saved the team lots of time when appraising deals.”
    Photo Lucas Anglin
    Lucas Anglin
    Lending Associate
    Alpha Property Lending
  • “REalyse gives us the opportunity to immediately assess and reassess the performance of the markets we invest in down to a specific radius from the site. Our requirements are very specific and the team are always on hand to help us.”
    Photo Daniel Levene
    Daniel Levene
    Head of Analysis
    Cogress Ltd