Efficiently analyse

Efficiently analyse

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What problems do investors face?

The average investor spends 13 days per month reviewing deals and carrying out due diligence checks on behalf of their clients.

Without REalyse, you may be spending up to 36 hours per month on unnecessary data collection and processing.

With REalyse automatically aggregating, cleaning and calculating billions of data points each month, you can do more, faster.

Most painful part of the analysis process:
33%Analysing the information
67%Finding the right information

Time and money wasted per project without REalyse

Time and money wasted per project without REalyse

£ 200K/year
Macro Analysis

How do you keep up to date with location trends across the country?

Risk Assessment

Who actually owns the site? Is the building listed? Will nearby competition change the market?

Desktop Appraisal

Excel can be fun, but copying and pasting pieces of information into new tabs isn’t.

Portfolio Monitoring

Reviewing schemes you’re invested in can be difficult to track local market trends.

£ 200K/year
£ 180K/year

Here's what our clients think

  • “REalyse has become my go-to tool when appraising opportunities in the market. From providing a broad overview of an area to the micro detail on a specific street, it has user-friendly interface giving us an edge on our competitors.”
    Photo Rebecca Lewis
    Rebecca Lewis
    Investment Manager
    Morgan Sindall Investments Limited
  • “Realyse is part of a transparent future in residential property development where decisions will be based as much on actual demand patterns & live pricing information as the traditional means of well-informed opinion.”
    Photo Bert Broadhead
    Bert Broadhead
    Real Estate
  • “REalyse harnesses the power of big data to help me make decisions on the ground. The suite of features helps me pick out the signals from the noise, which underpin our investment strategy. Invaluable insight into the residential markets.”
    Photo Eleanor Jukes
    Eleanor Jukes
    Senior Strategist
    Legal & General
  • “REalyse saves us significant time and resources in locating mispriced and undervalued areas in the UK. The synthesis of multiple data sources, presented via a user-friendly interface, is superior to any other residential data platform in the UK.”
    Photo Alistair. S. Wardell
    Alistair. S. Wardell
    Investment Director
    Atlas Residential