Strategically evaluate

Strategically evaluate

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What problems do developers face?

The average developer spends 36 hours per project, or 13 days per month, reviewing data and making sense of trends in the market.

Most developers use a handful of websites, expensive third party providers and their own time-consuming research methods to find the necessary data.

REalyse can help you find the same data in seconds, cutting this process by 90%.

Most painful part of the analysis process:
33%Analysing the information
67%Finding the right information

Time and money wasted per project without REalyse

Time and money wasted per project without REalyse

£ 200K/year
Deal Sourcing

It is difficult to identify new areas for investment and stay ahead of the competition.

Investment Review

Creating reports for internal or external stakeholders is a time intensive task.

Desktop Appraisal

Creating a model is complicated – you need market, property, socioeconomic and location data.

Portfolio Monitoring

Reviewing projects requires starting the whole process again from scratch.

£ 200K/year
£ 180K/year

Here's what our clients think

  • “REalyse has made cumbersome and time consuming tasks simple and intuitive, giving us more time to concentrate on strategy and operations. This has literally revolutionised the due diligence process.”
    Photo Christopher Turnbull
    Christopher Turnbull
    Managing Director
    Pinnacle Regen
  • “We get a lot of value in being able to be kept up to date in about the property market. In the trading world, software alerts investors when Apple shares hit a 52-week high and FTSE100 hits 52 week low. REalyse uses a similar principle in the property market.”
    Photo Shiro Rauniar
    Shiro Rauniar
    Managing Director
    Rauniar Investments
  • “REalyse gives us immediate access to market data and demographics via a user-friendly format that we didn’t have before, cutting our time in half during the initial underwriting and due diligence process, allowing us to process deals faster.”
    Photo Adina David
    Adina David
    Vice President
    The Collective