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REalyse Team!

Senior Backend Developer

Experience 5-10 years
    REalyse is seeking a smart, self-motivated Senior Backend Developer to join our great and growing development team. This will be very much a technical development role, with a focus on data, APIs and internal tooling.
About you
  • You care about getting the best possible outcome, you have a passion for what you do which you can clearly convey by your actions.
  • You have an eye for detail and order, being able to spot problems in code or data which others might miss or take longer to find.
  • You have a desire to explore and test concepts, ideas and theories.
About the company
    Our vision is to transform the world’s most valuable asset class. By making it faster, easier and more efficient for property professionals to determine where, when and what to build. Using our big data analytics platform, users can save 90% of the time they previously spent on the typical appraisal or investment selection process. This, in turn, can ensure that property companies can increase returns and reduce their risks and costs. REalyse has been recognised as one of the leading property technology companies in the UK and globally and works with a range of real estate companies across development, lending, consulting and investment. We believe that real estate is fundamentally connected to almost everything, and that better data leads to better decisions and ultimately happier people.
The Interface
    There’s a lot to do and our product continues to expand and develop. Over the next year we aim to build out three new product lines, each bringing new capabilities to the market. Work will start with implementing initial designs from the design team, followed by testing, improvements and finally release. On release we rapidly iterate the product from client feedback and so anyone joining the team will get to create and deploy code into production, often on the same day.
The Role
    This role will be as a senior backend developer, working directly with the backend and data teams as well as our frontend developers to shape the data output of the platform. We are open to people from a diverse range of backgrounds and would have a preference for people with an understanding of most of the following (not all essential as we’re happy for you to learn aspects as you go): -- Java/Scala/Go or similar, -- Python for scripting, -- Docker, -- Postgres and PostGIS
The primary activities of the role will be:
  • Working on our APIs and internal tooling;
  • Deployment and Devops (we use AWS and usually Docker);
  • Writing clean code, contributing to open source and internal libraries;
  • Code reviews and potential mentoring of a Junior developer;
  • We are looking for someone with a good level of experience who will be comfortable to grow with the role and take on more responsibility as the team expands. We are still a small team, so you must be comfortable with conversing across all aspects of development and reacting quickly to new information.
Technology we use:

We have no particular preference for the technology that you may wish to use and are agnostic about what we use day to day, preferring the right tool for the job. That said, on our backend we currently use a lot of:

  • Go;
  • Scala/Java;
  • Python/Ruby for scripting;
  • Postgres and PostGIS;
  • Docker;
  • AWS.