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Our advantages

Meet our international dream team

Leadership Team

  • Photo Gavriel Merkedo
    A data nerd who stumbled into property development and realised it could be done better.
    Gavriel Merkedo
    CEO & Founder
  • Photo Corey Cummins
    A New Yorker who loves all things business, automotive and cooking related.
    Corey Cummins
    CRO & Co-Founder
  • Photo Ralph King
    Experienced technologist and mildly talented musician.
    Ralph King
  • Photo Nikolai Ueker
    A German growing up in Jamaica with a love for the ocean and anything outdoors.
    Nikolai Ueker

Product Team

  • Photo Irene No Calvo
    Eats like a body builder, travels like gulliver and squeezes animals at any opportunity.
    Irene No Calvo
    Senior UX/UI Designer
  • Photo Giselle Lohuis
    Canadian who is an avid hiker and baking enthusiast.
    Giselle Lohuis
    Junior UX/UI Designer
  • Photo George Bourazanas
    Photography lover who wants to be a data visualisation artist.
    George Bourazanas
    Senior Frontend Developer
  • Photo Daniele Francesconi
    A coffee connoisseur who is also a back-end development master.
    Daniele Francesconi
    Senior Backend Developer
  • Photo Rupert Evill
    A fan of good hair, clothes and SQL - in that order. Nowadays turning his hand to some Python too.
    Rupert Evill
    Backend Developer
  • Photo Anton Melbardis
    This luscious Latvian’s attractive args and arrays result in one smokin’ front end.
    Anton Melbardis
    Junior Fullstack Developer
  • Photo David Jacques
    Just the right amount of nerd. Equally at home with his ML models and JRPGs as he is with football and a beer.
    David Jacques
    Data Scientist

Sales Team

  • Photo Anna Blasiak
    Entrepreneurial self-starter with a flair for proptech and design.
    Anna Blasiak
    Senior Sales Executive
  • Photo Ian Walsh
    Property Developer, PropTech Evangelist, Planetary Explorer.
    Ian Walsh
    Senior Sales Executive
  • Photo Abi Frith
    Passionate about netball and brunch.
    Abi Frith
    Sales Development Representative
  • Photo Theo Allport
    A sports enthusiast who loves all things business, cricket & golf.
    Theo Allport
    Sales Development Representative

Customer Success

  • Photo Will Parsons
    A country boy at heart, who is passionate about the great outdoors, property, and playing the guitar.
    Will Parsons
    Senior Customer Success Manager
  • Photo Wesley Norman
    A stereotypical Aussie with a keen interest in surfing and meeting new people.
    Wesley Norman
    Junior Customer Success Manager

Furry Friends

  • Photo Bronn
    Lord Commander of the Squirrel Watch
    Chief Executive Footstool

Press highlights

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