“All of my team use REalyse when deciding where and when to develop property and what properties to acquire. The data is presented in clean and concise way, and it allows us to send it directly to banks, making us look more professional.”

Shiro Rauniar - CEO Rauniar Investments

Why you can believe in REalyse

We have a simple objective, to bring transparency and clarity to the real estate sector. We believe in the ability of data to aide in better decision making, reducing risks, improving profitability and saving time.

We go to great lengths to source data, running it through a customised testing process to ensure its validity, stability and accuracy.

That way, when you make a decision using REalyse you can be assured that decision you're making is backed with the best possible information.

Data collection

Data collection

What once was a manual process - we automate by collecting 500 data sets each month (50% proprietary - 2bn data points) from private (RICS) public (Land Registry), government (ONS) and market sources to ensure you have the necessary information for your investment decisions.

Data collection

Quality check

To ensure you can trust the quality of our data we created an automated grading system which looks at frequency, depth, accuracy, volatility, granularity and completeness.

Data collection

REalyse approved

You can rest assured that you will have access to the highest quality of residential property data in the UK to ensure you can more efficiently make investment decisions.